FXDD Malta

FXDD Malta is another extension of FXDD broker, which is based in Malta. The mechanics and the procedure of the trading are in accordance with FXDD New York. This is created to cater the clients in Malta and to accommodate better services to traders.

It is regulated by Malta Financial Services Authority and first introduce to market in 2004. It comes with a demo and open-account, which is beneficial to non-US clients. Apart from that, it answers the NFA and CFTC issues, which is mandated by the US government to US registered firms. Therefore, it is easier to European clients to engage on forex trading at FXDD Malta without compromising any US regulations. Actually, the MFSA is a counterpart with the CFTC in US or SEC. Therefore, the FXDD Malta is licensed to operate as a brokerage services under the European regulations.

The FXDD Malta also allows hedging and it has higher leverage to enjoy with, it ranges from 1:100 up to 200:1.  However, the operations do not follow with the FIFO (First In, First Out) rule but with the rules of open account and with FXDD New York. The dealing spread is the same as in FXDD New York as well as the currency that being handled. In terms of liquidity, the FXDD New York will solely provide the access to FXDD Malta. Moreover, for further clarification the major funds you have will be place at JP Morgan Chase Bank in New York.

Apart from that, you can also use the EAs when trading and while on the other hand, can access your multi-sub accounts. Moreover, this type of brokerage can also provide you the privilege of having your rebates on hand.

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